Coopetition or Co-opetition is a neologism coined to describe cooperative competition. Often coopetition takes place when companies that are in the same market work together in the exploration of knowledge and research of new product.

Magento has one unique advantage over all other eCommerce Enterprise platforms – companies implementing Magento compete but also cooperate.

Why Coopetition in the case of Magento is so important:

  • A few companies can work on one project, which shortens deployment time
  • Cooperating companies exchange their best-practices and motivate each other to ensure the quality of the project
  • In the event of an emergency you can quickly find additional resources on the market
  • Using time zone differences allows for implementation works to be performed 24 hours a day, while maintaining contact with the local partner
  • There are specialized companies on the market dealing with selected aspects – e.g. performance, code quality, plugins, B2B implementation
  • The market of providers is diverse and one provider doesn’t dictate the conditions
  • Clients feel safer without being dependent on one provider.

We work on multiple platforms but only in the case of Magento the collaboration between IT providers is so easy and painless.

The idea of Magento Coopetition is supported by:



Bold Brand Commerce


Magento Coopetition projects

Golden Sales – ORBA, Divante, BI Architects

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