Last Friday our first Magento 2 Migration Meet Up took place in London. There was pizza, a lot of Polish beer (:D) and many people to talk. Although it was Friday evening, over 70 people came to listen to four inspirational presentations. Below you’ll find a short summary of the event and some thoughts from it.

Watch full video from the event.

Costs, challenges, process + short redesign case by Piotr Karwatka, Divante

  • Official support for Magento 1 will end in 2018, security paths will no longer be issued; no new features
  • Version 2.1 offers some nice benefits like content staging, more customizable admin panel and may bring some interesting features for B2B
  • Magento 2.x is stable (learn from the trenches) – we create new sites ONLY on Magento 2.x – it’s great technology for, at least, the next 5 years!
  • Redesign is a good moment to plan migration since you anyway need work on the frontend templates
  • The cost of migration can be as high as 50-80% of new implementation and it will take from 8-16 weeks; it depends how customized your site is.

Odlo Case Study

Odlo is a leading international premium sportswear brand  for 70 years on the market. In this project, Divante was responsible for redesign and hosting infrastructure improvements.
The results were astonishing:

  • decreased server downtime by 73%
  • reduced server errors by 98%
  • 103% higher mobile conversion rate (mobile traffic increased by 26%)
  • 30% increase of overall conversion rate
  • 47% more transactions
  • 46% increase in revenue
  • revenue from youngest group of users have tripled.

Link to the presentation on Slideshare.

Scientific Redesign by Keith Scott, Nu-Hi

  • Applying data & science to the redesign and optimization process is extremely important
  • It can reduce the bad results like convesrion or SEO ranking drops
  • Focus on 3 core areas: Mobile Performance, Browser Compatibility, Value Proposition

Link to the presentation on Slideshare.

A dive into Search and M2 by Niraj Aswani, Klevu

  • The simple index based search doesn’t work because of the natural language people often use to search for the products
  • State of site search on  50 top-grossing US retailers – 84% don’t handle subjective qualifiers,  such as “high quality”
  • The most common types of queries are:
    • Exact searches
    • Type searches
    • Symptom searches when they try to solve specific problems
    • Feature searches
    • Non-product searches
    • Thematic searches
    • Compatibility searches
    • Subjective searches.

Link to the presentation on Slideshare.

Solar Case Study — Migration to Magento2 / fashion retailer, by Mateusz Blum, Divante

  • Redesign was connected with migration process from Prestahop to Magento2
  • Main reasons: the need to refresh the image, difficulties in maintaining the stability, no possibility of purchasing from mobile devices
  • The challenge was that it was a fixed budget project also with fixed deadline — launch of the new site was coordinated with new collection release for Fall/Winter of 2016.

The metrics shows that it was a success:

  • number of sessions increased in the mobile channel by 21%
  • revenue growth in the mobile channel by 237%
  • number of transactions increased in the mobile channel by 483%.

Link to the presentation on Slideshare.

Special thanks to Dotmailer for hosting this event and to Magento MeetUp London for the possibility of being a part of their initiative!

Agata Młodawska

Content Marketing Manager at Divante eCommerce Software House | LinkedIn | Twitter

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