La Nature offers magnificent jewelry, but the most precious thing lies in their eCommerce. The online store is extremely fast thanks to the Vue Storefront architecture. And when the Internet is switched off, customers can use it as a native app on their mobiles.

Standard of speed for mobile eCommerce

When you visit the  La Nature online store, the first thing you may notice is the marvelous design. Vivid colors, splendid ring and bracelet images combined with product filtering tools makes the user experience truly unique.

There are over 16,800 product images. In mCommerce it is challenging. A high number of images is directly correlated to poor loading times, and slow pages are the number one issue that enrages mobile users most. Google set the gold standard on the time when users no longer notice performance lags and can directly focus on experiencing the content. The reasonable standard in mobile UX is 4 seconds or less.

In La Nature loading time is not a problem. With the use of progressive web apps, their final speed for catalog loading – is 0.1 second.

You can make a speed test on your eCommerce and compare the times.

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