Content Automation? Never heard of this new intriguing buzzword?

The idea is to use A.I. algorithms to generate layouts in the form of interactive catalogues, lookbooks, newsletters, landing pages etc. for your content. It is sufficient to provide a product feed (via an API or file) and let the magic happen.

Using a product data feed, out jazzy algorithm arranges a custom layout – dynamically exposing prioritized products, handling search results, addressing the users’ preferences and all that in a visually pleasing way. That is what we call a truly responsive and cross-platform experience with a touch of humanism.

At the end of the day, this approach has tremendous benefits in reducing the time of preparing and distributing content – plus you get consistency among your media channels for free.

Want to see our algorithms in action?

example of content automation at Tchibo online store

Check out the case study prepared by Sendingo (the inventors) for Tchibo:

Tchibo used Content Automation for their interactive catalogues, but there are many more use cases.

We will be posting more info about content automation in omnichannel marketing soon. STAY TUNED!

Jakub Korczynski

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