Let me start by bringing up an unusual case: Wojciech Cejrowski is a well known Polish traveler, an author, and a TV personality. He’s a hard-line Catholic, which differentiates him from other travelers.

According to Catholic principles you shouldn’t work on Sundays. So, when Wojciech started his eCommerce he wanted to be consistent: He added a special function to his eShop – a feature which automatically shuts the sales down on Sundays. Sounds funny, right? :) But this is something that really differentiates his business and, actually, strengthens his brand.

“On Sunday this shop is closed according to God’s Law”, Source: http://sklepkolonialny.com/

When digitizing your business, think about your Brand Values and digitalize them too. What values are important for your brand? Education & consulting, attractive price, wide selection, or maybe, fast delivery? Whatever they are, it’s crucial to communicate them effectively to your customers. And this communication with your customers makes up part of your business value.

Unique Selling Proposition needs Unique User Experience. If it’s providing expertise that singles you out, you need online wizards and a content portal. And you want them customized. You know that if you go for an out of the box software (i.e. Software As a Service, like Shopify), your online business will be “just another WordPress blog” and that’s it! And you’re right! How can you use the solutions everybody else uses and still stay unique?

You have spent your precious time and resources, differentiating your business. So why waste it? If you go digital, choose dedicated software. Make sure your USP is also there – online.

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Tomasz Karwatka

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