Everyone, who runs their own business, reads all the industry publications on a daily basis. Sometimes, after a busy day, we all would rather watch something valuable, though. I have prepared a list of business related films that will grab your attention:


One in the series of 3 films about design (plus ‘Helvetica’ and ‘Urbanized’). ‘Objectified’ is the one recommended the most.

Something Ventured

A comprehensive documentary about the history of venture capital – an oportunity to see all the big names from Sillicon Valley in one movie.

Indie Game: The Movie

A documentary about young entrepreneurs. Still on my things-to-watch list.

The Founders

A cycle (3 seasons) of movies about entrepreneurs.

Netscape Mozilla Documentary 1998 – 2000 Project: Code Rush

The documentary about running the open source project at Netscape.

The True Story of the Internet – Browser Wars

A documentary referring to the one mentioned above – it shows the story of the browsers war (Netscape vs. Internet Explorer). Also the other documentaries in the series (four altogether) are worth recommendation.

Halt and Catch Fire

A great series showing the history of the boom of personal computers.

Pirates of Silicon Valley

The story of the beginnings and the tensions between Apple and Microsoft – it is an excellent film, leaving all the future cinema productions far behind.

What else should be on the list?


Tomasz Karwatka

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