Adam Rudnicki, who owns (medical web-based platform and e-store of medicinal products in the rehabilitation field)  and invented a new tool for better customer location in eCommerce, shares his way to EMA.

There’s undeniable boom for mobile apps in e-commerce. From my point of view, as an e-store owner, ignoring this fact would be a clear waste of opportunity for business development.

There were some question marks for sure, like how would it fit into my e-store? I sat down with my team and we found a solution. We wanted to help customers to get professional advice about their injure and possible physical rehabilitation. We’ve got the Core then, ready to build on.

We had an idea, the only this missing was a company ready to put it into action. Finding it was much more difficult than I thought at the beginning. I was surprised by cost of creating a mobile app, because 25.000 for not that big company was a challenge and getting it wasn’t the end. There was another problem – I didn’t have any users and had no clue how can I get them. I would have to spend another 25.000 for marketing to inform them about my mobile app and make them start using it, but this budget would probably only give me about 2.000 users. That doesn’t give me any guarantee of increasing the conversion for my e-store.

I thought there has to be some other way and I found it – EMA (E-commerce Mobile Applications). This was my solution for many problems. First of all I didn’t want to spend all of my marketing budget only to keep the users that I have and make them buy more, but also to get new ones. The solution was a simple txt message after a purchase with not only an authorization code, but also a link to mobile app. The result was 30% of higher conversion.
I also wanted EMA to charge only for active users, those that not only will download the app but actually use it, so EMA can measure it.

The most important goal for me was building the loyalty with app users. Thanks to this mobile app customers had a constant access to informations about their purchase with push messages. They can also write to us via app, what they do quite often, and use logging system.

EMA has been created to stimulate additional purchases so it has a promotion system, suggested products list and loyalty program. App creator provided by EMA allows for its creation it in less than 5 minutes, and another 5 for e-shop integration.

You can find out how it works by downloading a demo on and writing to me

Bogusia Prusik

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