Around this time last year we released “eCommerce Trends from 2014 to 2015”, and it exploded! The presentation has over 240,000 views as of today, and generated a lot of buzz among people in eCommerce. So just like Apple releases an iPhone once a year, we’re releasing the new eCommerce Trends!

But wait that’s not all! This year we’re spicing things up, we want to get YOU involved! We’re interested in what experts have to say. After all, we can’t know everything about eCommerce.

That’s why for the next week we give you the opportunity to have your say about this year’s trends!

Are you a CEO, Leader, or a serious decision-maker in the eCommerce industry?

Fill out this quick survey (3 min) for an opportunity to share your insights with us! 

Mati Polak

Hey! I'm Mati, the Community Manager at Divante eCommerce Software House

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