2015 was full of very interesting eCommerce startups.

Which of them you should pay special attention to in 2016?

eCommerce Startups to watch in 2016

  • Wish is a mobile shopping startup that looks like Pinterest but only shows you what you want to buy.
  • Casper wants to tackle the traditionally convoluted process of buying a mattress and streamline it for the web.
  • With Instacar, you can order groceries by phone or online, and have them
    delivered to your apartment in less than an hour.
    + Singapore’s Honestbee – Asia’s version of Instacart.
  • Jet.com logs more than 1 million customers. Launched in July, it’s growing quickly and it’s reportedly close to completing a $500 million funding round.

New models emerges in eCommerce

  • Membership commerce
    These companies offer customers a yearly subscription for a fixed price and in return customers get to shop at heavily discounted prices.
  • Rental commerce
     This category was opened up by Rent the Runway but there are other interesting companies in the space as well.
  • Just in Time
    OnDemand Products and Services. Eg. Shyp, Caviar, Doordash.

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