So it’s Black Friday today and people are going wild with the sales! Is your eCommerce platform handling all the traffic? I hope it is :) I want to wish a belated Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends! Now, with that said let’s see what’s been happening in the world of eCommerce this week!

Google Wants To Text Message You With Holiday Shopping Deals

This year has been the year of social commerce. We love seeing new technologies change commerce. Now Google is joining the herd as well, kinda. Googe is planning on launching a messaging-based virtual assistant. This one will focus on SMS-based alerting service, which will help holiday shoppers find the best deals. Not a surprise that Google wants a piece of the pie, especially since it’s going to be big pie this holiday (check the article below). The service is in trails now and no buzz has been going around it, but expect it to be big news if the trails go well.

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US E-Commerce Holiday Spend Will Reach $70B, Mobile Booms As Online Growth Slows To 9%

We’ve discussed the upcoming eCommerce spree that’s starting before the holiday. Actually Amazon launched Black Friday week this week to get ahead of the pack. But comScore came up with a report estimating that U.S. consumers will spend $70 billion between now and New Years! That’s an insane amount! Last year the U.S. spent $61 billion in the same period, but apparently according to comScore there has been a slowdown in eCommerce. They also say that consumers are more likely to buy online than in physical stores, no surprise there, it’s been a huge trend this year. But don’t expect physical stores to disappear anytime soon!

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Apple Pay reportedly launching in China by February

Apple Pay in China? Yes, according to latest rumors Apple is planning on launching its mobile payment service in China in February. No surprise there really. Apple has apparently been talking with China’s big four bank, which should allow them to link Apple Pay users with the banks. China is a great market for Apple Pay, but how will it compete with the domestic payment services such as Alipay or Tenpay?

Full story here: Snags A Fresh $350M, Anticipates $150M More

3 weeks ago there was news about raising $500 million in funding. Now the company has officially reported that they raised $350 million and has verbal agreement for another $150 million. However, things haven’t been going that well for Jet recently. The company has attracted some critics and has even made changes to its business model. It’s impressive how much money the company has been able to raise, but if they want to compete with Amazon on a serious level, they will have to figure out a concrete path, cause right now it seems like they’re not really sure what direction they’re going.

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Jeff Bezos launches a rocket into space and lands it back on Earth

In rather less eCommerce news, Jeff Bezos and his company Blue Orgin has successfully launched a rocket into space and landed it back on earth. That’s a pretty impressive achievement for the CEO of the eCommerce giant. The man never ceases to surprise us. Bezos has shown interest in the commercial space flight business back in April when he announced Blue Orgin’s intention to test flight the New Shepard spaceship, with the capacity for six people. Interesting to see how this develops and how commercial space flights will turn out. It will most definitely involve eCommerce, I can tell you that much! J

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Thanks for tuning in this week, enjoy Black Friday and have a great weekend!

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