August has been full of Meet Magento events, but not only. In this recap, we’re checking how Walmart is building a coalition against Amazon’s monopoly, what’s new in Pimcore 5, what unique opportunities mobile apps offer to marketers and how Cdiscount optimized its mobile UX. Last but not least, we’re getting ready for eCommerce trends 2019.

eCommerce Trends — your help is needed

Every year I prepare a report about eCommerce Trends for the next year. This year I would like to start by asking You about new eCommerce Trends / Tools / Techniques you see. Read more. 

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Walmart’s built a ragtag alliance of tech firms to battle Amazon

Fear of Jeff Bezos helps explain why Walmart has in recent years forged alliances with Google, Microsoft, China’s and other tech players. The members of the unofficial coalition all share a common goal: preventing Amazon from ruling the digital galaxy. Read more.

Pimcore 5.3 with many new DAM features

Pimcore 5 has been released. It includes new features and enhancements to more than 240 closed GitHub issues and pull requests. Especially in the DAM product, many new features have been added (VR/360° previews, facial recognition, focal points in images, XMP metadata support). Read more.

Why marketers should consider in-app advertising [stats]

Apps can offer a unique opportunity for marketers to reach users at times when other marketing channels can’t. This is largely because apps are used consistently and frequently throughout the day, often in moments when users are unable to consume other media, or in moments of down-time. Read more.

Cdiscount optimizes its mobile UX and increases the share of its mobile sales by 50%

In 2017, 60% of Cdiscount’s traffic and 38% of its business volume came from mobile devices. So the audience is increasing, but what about web performance? This is a key issue, because consumers are not prepared to compromise when it comes to the mobile experience. Let’s check how this leading French eCommerce company tackled new UX and design on their mobile site. Read more.

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Hustle Crew: How I built a global tech community and training company with no code

“I love tech, but I’m not techie” is a phrase I’ve heard from countless people, particularly women, since starting Hustle Crew in 2016. I shake my head every time because even though I have worked in tech for almost a decade at giants like Amazon and Groupon, I never once written a line of code in any of those roles. What does it mean to be techie anyway? Read more.

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