In this month’s eCommerce news recap we’re taking a closer look at CR and RPV optimization for eCommerce, open-source in leading tech companies and the state of fintech. For CTO, we have found useful PWA tools and some ways to test it.

WhiteSource raises $35 million to help companies monitor open source elements of their software

“We are now at a stage where the question is not whether or not to use open source components, but how to put in place the solutions and policies to manage them well,” noted WhiteSource cofounder and CEO Rami Sass. Read more >

Microsoft open-sources its patent portfolio

Microsoft joined the Open Invention Network (OIN), an open-source patent consortium. Microsoft has essentially agreed to grant a royalty-free and unrestricted license to its entire patent portfolio to all other OIN members. Read more >

Storefront Cloud mobile-first eCommerce platform for your eCommerce >

Global Fintech Report Q3 2018

A data-driven look at global financial technology investment trends, top deals, active investors, and corporate activity in Q3 2018.  Read more > 

Optimizing mobile-commerce conversion rates (CRO for mCommerce)

Even though mobile traffic and time spent on mobile is much higher than on desktop, conversion rates on desktop are still higher. Retailers are encountering the so called “mobile gap”. This article is about filling this gap with conversion rate optimization. Read more > 

RPV: the most valuable eCommerce Metric

You’ve always kept a sharp eye on your key performance indicators (KPIs), but did you know that optimizing your revenue per visitor (RPV) can accelerate the growth of your eCommerce business? In this article, we share some key changes you can make to improve RPV for your eCommerce site. Read more >

Introducing Teleport: Over-the-air hot reloading & debugging for PWA’s

PWA’s are awesome. Using a single codebase, they let you build apps that target both mobile & desktop platforms. But there’s a catch: tracking down, repro-ing, and debugging platform specific issues is downright painful—especially on mobile devices. Teleport solves this issue with instant testing of your PWA. Read more > 

27 monthly most popular JS repositories

Among these open-source GitHub JavaScript repositories, you’ll find popular JS frameworks, useful resources to build apps, utility libraries, npm packages, data-driven animations, next-generation databases and PWA storefronts. Read more > 

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