This week we have a short version of the news. After Black Friday and Cyber Monday the numbers are in and this year it has been pretty impressive. Online sales are growing while in-store sales are decreasing. This week we has a some special news from our side.

Amazon Dominated 36% of Online Black Friday Sales, Says Slice

Slice Intelligence estimates that online sales on Black Friday rose by 7 percent. However, the data company also claims that Amazon dominated online sales on Friday with 35.7% of eCommerce spending being done on Amazon. Amazon should be expecting sales in the next month, with all the holiday shopping starting.

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The New Wave Of Selling On Mobile And Social

Building up on the holiday season, eMarketer predicts that just in the USA retail sales will reach $885.7 billion, thats pretty impressive. More and more sales are being done online as we saw in the article above, mobile is quickly becoming a standard and even social commerce has been making an impact!

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Tata group companies firm up digital teams before launch of eCommerce venture

Tata Group has been working on launching a hybrid eCommerce venture. Now in the final stage they have created digital teams to aid in the eCommerce venture. Teams will be lead by the Tata Unistore unit. Tata wants to combine forces and finish of the project on a strong note.

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Divante Releasing eCommerce Trends from 2015 to 2106

Holiday season is coming and like this year we will once again be releasing an eCommerce Trends presentation. This year we are spicing things up though! We are looking for insights from eCommerce experts and leaders, so if you are one we would really appreciate your help! Your insights are extremely valuable to us and it would be great to make this presentation even bigger than last year!

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Amazon Prime Air

As our last news I’ve got an entertaining commercial from Amazon. The commercial features Jeremy Clarkson talks about how Prime Air restores blance to the universe :) Enjoy!

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