Let’s recap the most important eCommerce news of the last week. Google confirmed its mobile-first indexing approach. This is incredibly important news for eCommerce that wants to serve the fastest user experience. Commerce platforms can be now compared in a freshly released Top 40 eCommerce Platforms report. Want to know more? Keep reading.

Rolling out mobile-first indexing

After a year and a half Google of careful experimentation, Google announced its mobile-first indexing. From now on, Google’s crawling, indexing, and ranking systems will index the mobile version of sites first. Sites that follow the best practices for mobile-first indexing are migrated. Read more>

The Top Product Information Management Software Vendors According to the FeaturedCustomers

FeaturedCustomers released the 2018 Summer Product Information Management Software Customer Success Report to give prospects better insight into which Product Information Management Software would work best for their business according to real customer references. Pimcore has been called the Market Leader. Read more>

Open-Source Sustainability

Engineers around the world pour their sweat and often their tears into open-source projects that underpin all software in the modern internet economy. Internet and computing giants use open source widely, but you would be remiss in thinking that their wealth has somehow trickled down to the maintainers of the open-source projects that power them. Read more>

Top 40 eCommerce Platforms

There are so many eCommerce platforms out there that if you want to build or migrate your eCommerce, you can take your pick. Check out this comparison of prices, features, and technologies, and see examples of implementations of the most popular ones (among the Top 1M Sites). Read more> 

How Magento changed its open-source approach to get 50% community contributions

Magento used to operate like most other open-source companies: Open code – closed development. Two years ago that changed. Here’s what happened. Read more>

16 Reasons to Outsource Your Mobile and Web App Development to Poland

The quality-price ratio isn’t the only argument for choosing a development team from Poland. We’ve listed 16 of the hottest technologies worldwide, all used by Polish developers. Read more>

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