Almirall is an international pharmaceutical company, with headquarters in Spain. Almirall’s products are present in 70 countries of Europe and North America.

Project goal
The goal of the project was promoting the new line of cosmetics, Balneum Baby Basic, dedicated to skincare of toddlers and babies.
When introducing the product to the chain of online pharmacies, we planned two tasks: improving sales and increasing brand awareness for Balneum Baby Basic.

Why the Internet?
Future moms spend a lot of time online, browsing for practical information about parenthood. As many as 74% customers of traditional stores uses the Internet before making their final purchase decision offline.

We used the ePOS Marketing chain ads in online stores and invited the biggest e-pharmacies. The campaign was directed to people expecting a child to be born soon or to parents of children up to three years old.

We run a three-month online campaign, using popular forms of adverts, according to IAB standard – button and billboard.
Our partners included the following big online pharmacies:,,,, The adverts (created by the ad chain’s agency) were emitted by by means of an ad server on the sponsored areas of the e-pharmacies. The adverts were displayed on the homepage and in the sections “for babies”. After clicking, the user was transferred to the product page in a given pharmacy.

Increasing brand awareness
E-pharmacies taking part in the program were supposed to get the promoted product in stock, which is how ePOS Marketing campaign broadened the sales channel of the new line, Balneum Baby Basic.

Strong engagement
The users clicking on the banner were not, contrary to the standard model of advert emission, directed to the campaign’s landing page, but instead they were moved directly to a product page in the store. The pharmacy earned via emission and sales and simultaneously did not lose its hard-earned users.

Coherent image
The ePOS campaign made all the pharmacies update the product’s presentations (descriptions, photos), which let us introduce a coherent promotional policy of the brand in online stores (ref.: Pinnacle Awards and Promotions).

Effects and testimonials

  • The product sales grew considerably – even by 1200%.
  • Sales in the e-pharmacies increased by 400%.

When introducing a new line of Balneum Baby Basic cosmetics to the market, we decided to target a precise group of addressees. One of our channels was the ePOS chain. After a month since the campaign had been launched, we noted a growth of interest in the promoted products, as well as sales increase. This mechanism let us lower the cost of the marketing campaign with the income form sales. The effect was brand awareness increase, confirmed by the purchases. An additional value that the ePOS chain gave us was getting new points to sell our products, where they had been absent before.
– Marta Skiba, Marketing Manager OTC in Almirall

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