The question about the cost of Magento implementation is asked very often. Open communication is one of our priorities, therefore, I decided to share my knowledge on the subject. To do so, I consulted our project managers and sellers and compared the obtained information with historical data. This way, I managed to develop an objective estimation.


  • we work for medium and large companies, performing some of the biggest Magento implementation projects in Europe and the USA,
  •  it means that we need to provide a well-designed architecture, safe and transparent code, documentation – before being performed, our implementation projects are usually audited by independent consultants (in terms of their safety, effectiveness, code quality),
  • the design phase is based on the User-Centered Design methodology, which means that we perform numerous studies before and during the design stage (including studies with the users),
  • all implementation projects are performed in accordance with the Responsive Web Design rules,
  • all implementation projects include integrations with numerous external systems,
  • the process of implementation is performed in SCRUM methodology and is settled on the basis of the Time&Material model,
  • all projects involve the work of testers, usability specialists and a dedicated project manager,
  • estimated cost of a B2C implementation project – starting from the creation of an eCommerce concept – is presented below.

The assumptions above make it possible to present an estimation and allow us to answer the question “How much does it cost to implement Magento?”

The estimation was developed by 11 experienced (at least 5 big projects each) PMs and sales managers. The project managers’ input was based on historical data related to the projects they performed in the past. However, it is crucial to remember that the working hours per element vary significantly for each project. Therefore, the final costs is a rough estimate based on an average from our projects.

To understand where these costs come from we suggest you examine the ‘How We Work at Divante‘ infographic – to become familiar with our work methodology.

If you’re planning on implementing Magento, or are debating which eCommerce platform to use, then contact us for personalized advice. 

Tomasz Karwatka

Supervisory Board Member at Divante. Leading industry voice who believes eCommerce can improve our world. Co-founder of Vue Storefront and Open Loyalty, angel investor, and founder of Tech To The Rescue. CEO at Divante eCommerce Technology Company | LinkedIn | Twitter

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