No company is omnipotent in their services. Especially when it comes to Magento implementation. Since Magento is constantly developing, there isn’t a company that can specialize in everything.

So this shouldn’t come as a surprise. We have found a solution for that! Coopetition! A term that describes a mix of cooperation and competition, usually between firms within the same industry.

It’s the ultimate solution to all your headaches when trying to implement Magento E-Commerce.

Our lengthy experience with Magento has taught us not to bite off more than we can chew. That’s why we share. We have started a one of a kind initiative: eCoopetition.

It combines the core competencies of multiple Magento experts to provide unparalleled solutions to all your problems!

Why eCoopetition?

  • Allows multiple companies to work on one project and reduce the deployment time.
  • There’s an exchange of competencies between specialized companies to optimize results.
  • Decreases dependency on one provider.
  • Providers dispersed across different timezones allows for 24/7 services.

Don’t believe us? Try it out and you won’t regret it ;-)

Mati Polak

Hey! I'm Mati, the Community Manager at Divante eCommerce Software House

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