Last week, we visited eCommerce Summit Brussels. After a long takeoff, Belgian eCommerce is booming right now, so this is the place to be in Europe. At this moment, e-Commerce Market in Belgium is worth about 7 to 8 billion euro.

The idea behind this conference was to inspire Belgian eCommerces, thus there were lots of speeches about trends – in payments, logistics, social commerce and mobile.

Personally, the thing I enjoyed the most was the presentation about payments by Tim Fransen, Head of Go To Market Management at Worldline. Usually presentations about payments are boring, so initially I was skeptical. But this time we heard about many interesting case studies. For example – you can share your power station for electric cars and people will use mobile payments to pay you for the electricity they used.

Interesting were also numbers associated with B2B decision makers from LinkedIn presentation.

  • Usually there are 5 decision makers in B2B buying process.
  • 75% of B2B decision makers are influenced by social media.
  • 90% of them don’t respond to cold outreach.

I asked the most interesting speakers what was their speech about and what were some of the most important things to remember:

  • Matthieu DENISCo, Founder at Youtic and Clevermint
    Internet is not the showcase of your offline activities. Learn from pure e-commerce players and transform your website into a pure lead / sales machine.In addition, since you are not an internet expert, find the right partners to create, test and monitor your online developments with efficiency: act quickly, hit success before investing and iterate a trial – error process.
  • Bert Hendrickx, Digital Market Intelligence at GfK
    Our key take ways are that e-commerce in Belgium represents about 2 billion euro every quarter, that mobile is important, but not (yet) as a point of sale, and that for the consumer, it’s not about on- or offline, but about an omni-channel approach.
  • Benjamin Rieder, Co-founder and CEO at Bubble Post
    Our story is all about making logistics more efficient in city centers. E-commerce flows are getting more and more important. The need for high quality and flexibility within the delivery to end consumers is ever increasing and courier companies need to find solutions for this demand. Bubble Post is the first courier company that is able to offer 15 minute delivery windows in city centers.
  • Yannick Joachim, Mobile Marketing Specialist at Tapptic
    The mCommerce is booming and brands need to adapt to the mobile mindshift with offering the right eco-system to their users. The Mobile website is a good start. But if they want to offer a real experience and engage with their customers, app is the best way (push, U.X & U.I, POS experience, Beacons, native ads…

Below: Yannick during his mCommerce presenation. You can see Estimote BLE beacon on that screen.

The Best Slide of this Event Contest
Oscar goes to Roy Jugessur, VP UK and Northern Europe at Selligent

During my visit in Belgium I’ve met many eCommerce enthusiasts. Geographically they have everything what is needed to establish strong cross-border eCommerce brands. It’s just the matter of willingness and know-how. This second ingredient can be imported, the first is up-2-Belgians! :) Go for it! :)

Ps. My presentation from this event The Complete Digital Transformation B2B Case Study.

Tomasz Karwatka

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