Many startups focus on how brilliant their product is, but forget to say what it is. Learn how to help your audience understand what you’re selling. Show your customers how great is your product, let them buy it and spread the love!

This year at Tech Open Air Berlin, Divante crew will prove that you should never forget about UX, while developing your business.

Come and learn how to:
  • explain your business model in simple words,
  • use words on your Landing Page,
  • avoid communication inconsistencies,
  • design elements can help your users understand you properly.

How UX can help you communicate your product by our User Experience Team Leader, Anna Lankauf

See you on Friday, the 17 of July at 12:00 p.m.!  Feel free to bring some use cases you’d like to discuss.

Bogusia Prusik

PR&Marketing Specialist at Divante eCommerce Software House. Believes in no 'Can’t Dos’ in work and life. Obsessed with new marketing techniques.

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