OEX Group won the contract for building a web-based platform and loyalty program for ING Bank Slaski. The service includes all activities related to the current business activities and further development of the program.

Refreshment of the loyalty program

Bankujesz-zyskujesz.pl is a new edition of the existing loyalty program addressed to clients of ING Bank Slaski (program was created in 2008). Formerly it was operating under the name of bankujesz-kupujesz.pl. After a few years, the bank decided to fresh up the formula of the program, better adapting it to the needs and expectations of users.

Divante in action

OEX Divante started the project with a comprehensive analysis of the previous version. The aim was to determine the elements that have become the foundation of a new version of the loyalty program. At this stage, Divante specified strong and useful functionalities as well as eliminated the weakest ones.

The concept of the new service, functional design and front-end was developed by Interactive Agency Ideacto (part of Divante), which was responsible for marketing activities as well. Divante was responsible for implementation and project management. We also delivered hosting and maintenance service.

ING bankujesz zyskujesz

Fresh and New

The result of more than 3 months of cooperation between Divante and Ideacto was a modern platform characterized by a useful and fresh design. New loyalty program was implemented on Magento as a platform – says Nikodem Krajewski, Creative Director at Divante.

Non-core logistics Division of OEX Group was responsible for ongoing operational support of the loyalty program bankujesz-zyskujesz.pl. They took care of the offer in the program, pictures and description of the products. OEX group was also responsible for the integration of payment and logistics: warehousing and shipping of goods ordered by the customer . Every month they were sending thousands of packages with gifts. The company provided also office facilities to support the program and delivered call center for customers.

ING bankujesz zyskujesz Divante
ING bankujesz zyskujesz Divante
ING bankujesz zyskujesz Divante

Together with ING

All of that wouldn’t happen, if we won’t have a support from ING crew. They did a great job and right now we cooperate for further success of ING Bank Sląski.

Have a look: http://bankujesz-zyskujesz.pl/

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