Another eCommerce event is behind us. eTail Germany brought together DACH’s top progressive retailers to plan strategies for growth and Divante was part of this event. Our team presented modern a PWA solution for eCommerce and prepared some insights directly from Berlin! Enjoy!


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eCommerce & Omnichannel Conference

The eTail Germany event took place in the first days of March and gathered the members of the eCommerce community from over 280 companies around Europe. This year, Divante had strong representation during this event, and with our CEO among the conference’s keynote speakers, we presented a modern solution for eCommerce progressive web apps.

Tom Karwatka, Divante’s CEO, had a speech on the first day of the conference. Tom talked about empowering the mobile user experience, driving revenue and reducing maintenance costs using PWAs. If you missed it, you should definitely watch this video:

To our surprise, Progressive Web Apps were a new concept for many attendees of eTail Germany. Along with augmented reality, personalization and content marketing, PWAs were one of the most impactful topics at eTail Germany. During the two-day long conference, over 400 eCommerce experts also discussed the future of business, trade, and eCommerce in the DACH region.

PWA designed for eCommerce

Divante’s team presented the advantages of progressive web apps for eCommerce, and Vue Storefront, a PWA solution built to improve any mobile eCommerce. This PWA frontend is a ready-to-use solution which provides online stores with ultrafast performance and offline features. It can be connected with any eCommerce backend (e.g. Magento, Pimcore, Prestashop or Shopware).

Vue Storefront needs only 2 seconds to load.

Although Divante specializes in different eCommerce software solutions, it focused on progressive web apps. This new standard is supported by Google, Microsoft and Apple and is seen as the future of mobile eCommerce.

We’re coming for you Berlin

Taking this opportunity, we decided to visit our new location in Berlin. Divante is about to expand its activities in the heart of Germany and it seems like we have a perfect place to gather the eCommerce community at our tech meetups. Stay tuned, we will announce it soon :)

Feel free to reach out to Lukas Jeznach, who is responsible for Divante’s activities around the DACH region.

See you soon in Berlin!

Ola Mazur

Junior Editor at Divante eCommerce Software House | LinkedIn | Twitter

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