On the 28th of September our very own UX Strategist – Anna Lankauf will be travelling to Spain to participate in Barcelona Lean Startup Circle!

Anna will be sharing her knowledge during her workshop about how to use UX to obtain more sales, focusing on early stage venture. The topics covered during the workshop include:

  • how to explain your business model in simple words
  • how to use words in your Landing Page
  • how to design elements that can help your users understand you properly
  • how to avoid communication inconsistencies.

This will be our first presence at the Lean Startup Circle.

Here is our big three for Barcelona!

Anna Lankauf

UX Strategist, a trained psychologist. She has been designing usable solutions for eCommerce at Divante for over two years now – alankauf@divante.co

She will be joined by:

Krzysztof Podeszwa

New Business Developer – Obsessed with Business Intelligence, Big Data and Startups – kpodeszwa@divante.co

Aleksander Uchto

New Business Developer – Familiar with eBusiness services, web hosting and Startups – auchto@divante.co

Hope to see you all there!

If you have any questions regarding Lean Startup Circle, UX, or Startups feel free to contact alankauf@divante.co

Mati Polak

Hey! I'm Mati, the Community Manager at Divante eCommerce Software House

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