Time is running out and the project hasn’t started. Customer starts getting nervous and he loses his patience. Writing a brief is a good business practice and let me give you a few reasons for that.

You’re probably getting ready for e New Year’s Eve party and you definitely should, but before you put your shiny shoes on here’s a little something for a great start of 2015. 

During this whole year we shared with the best of what we had – our experience and knowledge.

Have an amazing next 12 months!

1 document can save hours of the project time

Time is running out and the project hasn’t started. Customer starts getting nervous and he loses his patience. Writing a brief is a good business practice and let me give you a few reasons for that.


eCommerce is the new eMarketing

Selling online became a sort of the “Master Yoda” of the Internet. Assuming that the Internet has evolved from an informative medium, through branding, all the way transactional and right now – relational media, eCommerce is in the vanguard of this evolution.


Magento performance tips – part 1

In many cases, as Your store will grow You’ll see that probably some optimizations have to be done to perform better and serve more customers. Last year we’ve worked on few technical-demanding cases for optimizations and scalability. I thought of describing few techniques we used to show what to do when Your store meet performance problems.


E-commerce is Dead

“E-commerce is dead” – that’s what my friend told me recently. “Why do you think so?” – I asked. “Omni-channel will replace current online sales and change the game” – he responded. OK, something new is hot in discussion. That’s why I decided to read more about this trend and see, whether it might be danger for e-commerce.


Varnish – effective website caching with ESI

Following article is the first in a two-part series which aims to bring closer the idea of website caching, using tools such as Varnish, and show the way to get better results by applying a model based on ESI (Edge Side Includes). So let us start with the basics…


Control != Lack of trust

Though the title might seem a bit philosophical, this article will be about controlling projects and supporting PMs.  You may say it’s harsh, because if we have five-member team or one project to run, why would you need to control them. I thought that too, and I have to admit I was wrong.


Efficient Magento code – database (Flat vs EAV). Part 1.

Creating stores in Magento is a constant strive for performance. It can be improved thanks to caching tools (e.g. Varnish, Redis – on the caching layer), server load balancing or smart database management. Still, the best performance is achieved with a well-written code.


Born Tester

Today, we employ 120 people and we couldn’t imagine our lives without testers; actual testers, who develop the software equally to the programmers. Our QA Department has been developing very dynamically; we have employed a number of new people. I’d like to share my observations on how to develop a QA Department and cooperation of testers with other departments of a company.


Time & Material is better than Fixed Price – find out why

As you can see in IT project, what matters is flexibility. If you are the client who is not sure, how the final product should look like, use Time and Material. You will decrease risk of building something you don’t want to build. You are flexible and with experienced developers you might create something way better that you were planning at the beginning.


DevOps with Magento and Ansible. The right way.

Divante is developing software using Agile techniques. We belive in fast delivery and continous improvements. Most software companies start focusing on software quality – code quality and features. Thinking about post-development or development-process related optimizations like safe deployments and more processive approach are symptoms of company maturity I think.


Bogusia Prusik

PR&Marketing Specialist at Divante eCommerce Software House. Believes in no 'Can’t Dos’ in work and life. Obsessed with new marketing techniques.

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