I have decided to describe the most interesting problems we solved for our clients compiled in the ‘Difficult situations’ series.

The initial state

The client is an e-business operating in several countries in Europe, dynamically developing. The client entered into a legal dispute with the contractor of its IT system. The contractor threatened shutting down the system which would result in killing the company.

The IT system was implemented in a dedicated manner. The client had no knowledge about the technology and the company shutdown threat seemed very real.


After examining the situation, we decided together that a new version of the application needs to be deployed as soon as possible. We selected the key functions in order to prepare for the possible need of a replacement application.

To speed up the process, we invited three IT companies to the project.


One of the companies delegated a PM who managed the team and communicated with the client. The work on back-end, front-end and information exchange interfaces was carried out simultaneously.

The existing graphics and website were used as “live documentation “. Additional records were created only where it was absolutely necessary. The client was also involved in technical work in order to build the know-how on its side as well and avoid similar situations in the future.

The work was carried out in weekly sprints and SCRUM methodology to continuously monitor the progress and quality of the created product.


A version of the application ready to be launched was prepared within a month. After launching it, the team continued to work in fast sprints to complete the application functions. It was possible to launch the software in a manner invisible to users.


Tomasz Karwatka

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