When decorating your house, sooner or later you’ll face the dilemma –  what style to choose for the bathroom? There are hundreds of brands, series and patterns on the market, varying in price. In the era of the Internet, it is much easier to get inspired and choose the ideal bathroom accessories online.

The answer is In360 – an e-store open since 2009, selling products across Poland. The deliveries are governed by the central department in Warsaw.

The store offers a broad selection of quality bathroom ceramics and tiles. The company is a direct distributor of such brands as Villeroy&Boch, Hansgrohe, Kludi, Grohe, Duravit and over 80 others. It sells tiles, bathroom furniture, sinks and lighting. The store’s service is a high-class team of specialists and advisors helping both individual customers and interior designers and architects. Thanks to its rich offer and good prices, very good accessibility and great customer service, In360 is one of the leading stores in its category.


Because of the store’s big potential and the growing popularity of bathroom accessories among individual customers and independent interior designers, we decided on intensified marketing. Our major goal was to increase sales through effective promotion and simultaneous diversification of traffic sources. In360 entered into partnership in the success-fee model.


Effective campaign design

The first step was to analyze previous marketing activities and choose the optimal tool which would successfully support current activities in the efficiency model. We decided on PPC campaign, where Divante worked on the sponsored-link campaign.
For the first three months, complex test was being performed, to cover all assortment and methodologies of searching products which generate conversion. The marketing activities were optimized based on Google Analytics conversion rate and Google

AdWords expenses

During the campaign, a dictionary of keywords and exclusions was prepared, with 30 thousand words after three months. Over 3 thousand ads were used, plus landing pages presenting products in different ways. The campaign also used geolocalization connected with a possibility of free pick-up directly in the Warsaw warehouse. Together with sales marketing, we decided to re-design the store.

Effects and references

The key to success was scalable use of campaign structure and its strong optimization. During the three-month initial phase we have decided which tools should be excluded and which should be developer during the creation and optimization of the campaign.
The Google AdWrods campaign increased income by over 21%, becoming its second biggest source and the first traffic source. The campaign’s cost was returned eight times. The ten best campaigns generated ROI GoogleAdWords reaching over 3000% and stable income each month of the campaign. Constant optimization of the campaign increased CTR by 58%.

Since the very beginning of our cooperation, Divante became our e-commerce partner. Their enthusiasm and engagement, as well as constant and strong optimization resulted in great effects!
– Tomasz Malinowski, CEO, In360.pl

Karol Bzik

Partner at Divante, specialized in web analytics, customer loyalty improvement and marketing automation. Product Owner at Open Loyalty- open source technology for loyalty solutions. karl@openloyalty.io

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