Some of you might already know it, but for those who didn’t have a chance to learn about the best deployment methods here’s our newest e-book – Software Development and Deployment Guide.
What can you expect from it? Definitely a lot of practical knowledge that was gathered by our development team.

A successful and safe deployment depends on two crucial issues:

  1. Transparent repository, constructed in accordance with the branching model,
  2. Adequate project management and software versioning.

Don’t let it cost you your project

Remember that all of the factors like a method of project management, work scheduling, task assignment and deployment date determination have a huge influence on the state of the repository.

A project that’s managed chaotically, without any specified deployment date and scheduled changes, will lead us to a difficult situation, when the repository will contain tasks that are unfinished, untested or not approved by the client. Especially dangerous for the moment when our product is released.

The new version of software should be deployed with a maintenance mode. Mainly important in the case of tasks that remarkably modify the application logic or introduce new functionalities, that need to be tested before the product may be received by the end users. Unfortunately it’s often overlooked.

No more mistakes with your deployment process – download our Software Development and Deployment Guide!

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