With the e-commerce revolution in full swing, the delivery logistics started to play an important role, becoming one of the most significant competitive factors. This year, we can expect further popularization of the next-day delivery and rapid in-store pickup. The users are getting used to searching for products online and collecting them at pickup centers.

Amazon Prime Now allows its Prime members to get items delivered in just one hour in NY.  Companies such as Postmates make it possible to deliver products on the same day, even in the case of small retailers. At the same time, Uber and Lyft have built a massive local transportation network – courier and same-day delivery could make an enticing field of expansion.

The way the returns are handled may become another important feature here. It was used for instance by Zalando to gain the trust of the Internet users throughout Europe.

The reversal of the aforementioned trends, i.e. offering very low prices to those customers who may want to wait longer for their delivery, may be an interesting idea as well. It would make it possible to order the products after the order is placed and to optimize the costs and risks of the logistics.

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Tomasz Karwatka

Supervisory Board Member at Divante. Leading industry voice who believes eCommerce can improve our world. Co-founder of Vue Storefront and Open Loyalty, angel investor, and founder of Tech To The Rescue. CEO at Divante eCommerce Technology Company | LinkedIn | Twitter

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