Belgium or the Benelux is the often forgotten small market by global players, but nevertheless we offer great e-commerce development opportunities. Belgian e-commerce is worth about 7 to 8 billion euro a year in online spending and has a 14% share of the total market.

As in most countries, if you want to enter our market, the different VAT, legal and fiscal issues have to be taken into account. But the most important questions that have to be asked to be successful are:

  • What does the Belgian consumer want?
  • How does he think?
  • How can I offer want he needs?

By our study the Becommerce Market Monitor, a benchmark research, started in 2015 we try to get more insight in Belgian consumer spending. By quarterly figures we inform that the Belgian buyer spends on average 103 euros on an online purchase. The purchase is still made mostly from a laptop (53,7 %). It stays by far one of the most popular devices for online shopping.

Belgians never have been the early adopters but that doesn’t means that they are not looking for innovation and developments. Therefore we predict that the usage of tablets and smarphones will keep growing fast in the coming year. In terms of purchases, products are still most bought online (70%) in comparison with 30% services.

The most favourite industries online are ticketing, holiday packaging, media and telecom. In March 2016 we will have the first full year report of the research and more figures to announce.

Visit for more info about the Belgian eCommerce market.

Carmen Machiels

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