We know them, we pay for them… but do we use them?

Almost every single company nowadays uses some kind of software to manage relations with their clients and keep the marketing strategies well organised. There are Salesforce, Zoho just to name few. They require expansive implementation, are usually slow, equipped with bad UX and make your people tired of updating the leads there.

Recently, at Divante, we started looking for a CRM that is to solve these issues! One that
is highly integrated into our structure – the system that’s always aware of what is happening. It’s like human brain, does not require setup nor maintenance worth a million —it just pretends to be there. The system that sales team already knows, uses everyday and it’s part of the everyday workflow.

Sounds crazy? Not at all. What if I told you there’s already a system that does all these things for free?

It’s your mailbox.

You use it everyday, contact clients, send spreadsheets and more – why to duplicate that and keep having the same content in more than once place? It simply does not scale.

That’s why we have invented a completely new system that is about to change the game. The first CRM in the world that does not exist – and we called it NoCRM.

How it works?

Think of our system as a Head of Sales Team, the guy that never sleeps, multiplies by 77 in under a second, is always helpful and knows all the things. By using machine learning and natural language processing described more in deep in latter steps, we are about to become your employee of the year.

The entire system consists of steps, that when collected all together, make a NoCRM what it is. These steps are what you’d do if you were in our shoes. Think for a while what you usually do when a new email arrives – then, hop on to next section.

Step #1 – Process emails

Your mailbox is full of emails we want to analyse. NoCRM synchronizes transparently with your inbox regardless of its provider and waits for new messages to process. As the data arrives, we filter out unnecessary messages like marketing emails, offers, updates and in-company internal emails. Once the process completes, full threads containing your clients conversations are passed on to the next steps where they will be analysed. It’s worth noting we treat your privacy seriously – that is – no private data including messages or attachments is stored on the server. If we ever need to read them again in the future, we will ask you first.

Step #2 – Analyse, analyse & analyse…

Okey, once we got the data from the previous step, we can move onto the next stage. When you open up an email from your client, what do you usually do? You read it – for sure, check if the response is positive or not, whether client did accept your offer or negotiations had just began.

And that’s what this step is all about. 20 years ago when all current CRMs ideas were invented, computer science was in its roots.

Things have changed tremendously and now, we can really say that software is your best friend. We use machine learning, cognitive computing, natural language processing to read these messages as you would do. And we keep improving – the longer we work with you, the better and the more used to your habits we are.

Step #3 – Let’s build the graph

By having a platform to orchestrate your sales strategy, you’d expect not only to share knowledge between departments, get insights on what plan is the most successful one but also avoid miscommunications or the same client being approached twice by different departments. In B2B world, where Divante operates, that’s one of the most important factors proving the company proficiency in given area.

Unfortunately, that does not work well in typical CRM systems because they just store plain data. And data is worth nothing without the context.

To address these issues, we decided to build a graph holding all current and historical leads your organisation ever had. Each lead has people involved in the conversation and analytical data collected from the previous step. Message is no longer just a bunch of text – it’s now a part of bigger lead – which could potentially be connected with another one, giving you detailed informations on your entire cooperation with given client.

Step #4 – Real-time insights

Have you ever thought whether your cooperation with client works well? What’s the lead status? How many deals we closed under one week? If you had to ask your sales team members about that – it’s likely NoCRM is perfectly tailored to your needs.

By using the graph built in the previous step and context gathered from message text processing, we aim to deliver real-time health of your team.

Remember miscommunications mentioned in previous step? We got you covered. Just install and setup our browser plugin and get real-time alerts and hints to get maximum out of your daily communication.


It’s really important to remember our main slogan – it’s not a CRM. It’s your next employee – the one to orchestrate all the things, coach sales team, keep track of performance and suggest how to meet the KPI every month.

It tailors perfectly to your in-company communication lifecycle and style by learning every day. After first month of internship and getting to know the gotchas in the pipeline, get ready for taking over the world.

And most importantly, you don’t have to be a big intercontinental company to get these things done properly. Expansive deployments and workshops taking ages just to teach your employees how to put some stuff into the system? We can do better than that.

Come, join us and let’s move together to a better, CRM-free world.

NoCRM is currently in closed beta, you can request an access on our website as well as subscribe for updates: info@divante.co

Mike Grabowski

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