How much time did it take you to figure out how Google Search works? How many manuals did you read to use Have you ever even considered it?

It is the same with your CRM system – wouldn’t it be great if your employees and stakeholders didn’t need any time-consuming courses or elaborate manuals to operate your CRM software? I bet it would!

Get better ROI

There’s no doubt that UX creates business value that you can measure. Still, somehow we forget about it when creating CRM systems. There’s no doubt CRM systems help businesses earn more. It’s all about data organisation and the interface optimised to support the data usage. The ultimate goal: to save time and sell more. No manuals required. Tangible results only.

All about users

A large part of your success depends on how your users will like the new tool. To fully engage the newly created system must be intuitively structured, easy to learn, built on familiar, and easy to understand digital interactions. It has to be built with real people and their tasks in mind.

Are you ready for efficient, goal-oriented CRM system development? If you’ve never tried to work with user experience designers, only experimented with user centric design, or aren’t sure how beneficial UX could be for your business – download the whitepaper and learn what your business can achieve through great UX.


Three major topics covered in the whitepaper:

I. Why CRM and UX come together?

Learn to understand how accurate design & user satisfaction translates into your business growth metrics.

II. CRM experience in the making
Get familiar with User-Centered Design methodology and discover that every CRM building process is all about business, users and their tasks. Learn about the role of UX Designer in requirements gathering, research, design, evaluation of the prototypes.

III. Dedicated space for your business 

See how the design process translates into the tangible effects. What elements create the end-user experience? Find out how to approach the design for crucial activities of every CRM system.

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Ania Sorbian

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