Effective searching for customers often starts with defining their preferences or interests. Facebook is now a perfect place to get those informations about people we want to sell our product to.

Henry Ford once said that “Before everything else, getting ready is the secret of success.” This statement works pefrectly when it comes to effective advertising campaigns as well. Before we choose the medium, in which our brand is going to appear, it is worth checking whether our potential customers are there.

This includes, among other things, the estimation of the purchasing potential on Facebook. Thus, it is best to start with analysing, whether people, who use this social networking platform, are our target audience. According to the demographic analyses conducted on a regular basis by Catvertiser.com application for managing advertising campaigns on Facebook, this is very effective platform from the advertiser’s point of view.

It’s definitely not true that Facebook is no longer ‘attractive’ for young people and this kind of social commerce is difficult. Even though the youngest group of users (aged 13-24) is not the biggest spender (not employed or employed with a low income), it’s very dynamic and have a big influence on many purchasing decisions.

In Poland, the number of such individuals is 5.6 million. When checking this group more thoroughly, the division is as follows: people aged 13-18 comprise 20.63 percent of all FB users (2.6 million), 19-24 comprise 23.8 percent (3 million). The largest group is 25-34. Such people comprise 30.15 percent of all (3.8 million). Further, this involvement lowers a lot. 35-44 comprise 14.28 percent (1.8 million), 45-54 comprise 5.55 percent. (0.68 million), 55-64 (0.44 million) and the oldest comprise 1.74 percent, i.e. 0.22 million of users.

Thus, the largest group are people (aged 25-34), who finished their education and can earn money.

Deeper analysis confirms that a large group of users of the biggest social networking platform in the world declare, that they shop online. A leading group is still women. Especially popular among Facebook users are smaller shops (boutiques), outrunning large shopping centres and supermarkets. Most popular supermarkets among Internet users are Lidl, Tesco and Biedronka. They often look for discounts prices and group purchases.

This is an important information for those, who are dealing with e-commerce and optimization of advertising campaigns. With this knowledge we can reach potential customers more efficiently.

The research was conducted on 15 December on the declarations of 12.6 million Facebook users.


Oskar Berezowski

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