The Chinese market astounds us with its speed and growth in eCommerce. As the discussion on its secrets grows among eCommerce managers, we checked how Chinese customers actually use mobile shopping.

Mobile shopping in China

In this short footage, we checked how Chinese customers dive into eCommerce on mobile devices.

Chinese marketplaces on top

It is hard to compare it to the European or U.S. user mobile experience as the context is quite different. As you have seen, the apps provided by non-Chinese sellers (like eBay) do not work very well.

The interactions are really fast and seamless. That’s why Chinese users prefer marketplaces over standalone eCommerces; the ordering process there is easy and requires less commitment (no need to create an account, etc). On marketplaces, they look for their favorite products and services (yes, services are on the marketplaces too). That’s why eCommerce giants, like, Suning or Vipshop, invest in instant discounts and merging online and in-store user experiences.

With such a new approach, Chinese brands take leadership in global retailers ranks.

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