How to increase the customer experience in your online store? One of the ways is to implement some great B2B features – to make the shopping process even more simple, quick and convenient. Below we created a list of these functionalities – check if you’ve already had them in your eCommerce.

Online catalogue with a search engine

Make sure that your clients find whatever they’re looking for. It’s a good idea to implement a mechanism of suggested searches. It’s a tiny change that can bring a big effect on conversion rates. How about a search engine that finds a product basing on the SKU number? Your clients could create their products list easily and quickly.

Complaints and returns module

Simplify the complaint and return process with a module connected to clients’ order list. This feature allows you to manage these processes more efficiently and your clients get an access to the statuses of these processes and can check them anytime.


Client account – order status and summary

It’s good to have everything in one place, isn’t it? And it’s the same with the client’s order. Making the statuses and summary visible for your users can not only increase your sales rates (because it’s more convenient for the customers to manage the orders) but also reduce the number of unnecessary calls.

Client account – finance statuses

Finance documents, payments, invoices, finance rating and list of transactions – these data are crucial for your client. It’s a good idea to collect them in one place, for example on a dedicated page of the client’s panel. Your customers will be happy if they can check their invoices even in the middle of the night.

End-user offers

Thanks to this feature your clients’ sales reps can easily create a dedicated offer for their customers. Implementing the possibility of creating end-user offers you provide your customers with a great tool simplifying their work.



Your clients can create separate accounts with limited rights – for their employees. The limitation regards data and documents access and orders (authorisation). This hierarchical structure helps save your clients time.

Dedicated shipping and payments

No more, no less – you can adjust shipment and way of payment depending on a client (and the products they bought). From client’s panel, you can manage the conditions that must be satisfied to use a particular way of shipment or payment.

Trade credits

B2B customers got used to particular ways of payment. Make sure that you implemented a module enabling to choose trade credit to pay for the order.

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