Welcome to the eBusiness Era, if you haven’t noticed yet eCommerce is the hype now. Everyone is getting into it! Having an online store is becoming a standard, while more and more people start business online without opening a physical store. But are online stores going to take over brick and mortar stores altogether? Will we slowly see a decline in the number of physical stores around the world? I thought I’d start this week’s edition eCommerce News with some food for thought. Let me know what you think of the matter!

A New Era of Commerce Innovation

Earlier this week Magento has officialy announced the release of their next generation open source eCommerce platform, Magento 2.0. This is a big step for the company who has recently detached itself from eBay and became an independent company. The long awaited Magento 2.0 “empowers brands, retailers to quickly and effectively deliver engaging omnichannel shopping experiences”. The company emphasizes the Open, Flexible Architecture, Engaging Shopping Experiences, Enhanced Business Agility and Productivity, Enterprise-grade Scalability and Performance, Secure Payments, Easier Maintenance and Upgrades of the new platform. Some company have had the privilege to use the Magento 2.0 before the official release. You can check them out here. The version just came out and not all Magento users will switch to the new platform straight away but we are likely to see a slow trend of migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2.0!

Read the original here: http://magento.com/magento-news/new-era-commerce-innovation

Retail Software Maker LightSpeed POS Acquires SEOshop For E-Commerce Push

It was announced yesterday that Software Company LightSpeed POS has acquired the Dutch eCommerce software makers, SEOshop. LightSpeed is a Canadian point-of-sale software company who has been making a strong move into the European eCommerce market. SEOshop will be rebranded as LighSpeed eCom and there are speculations it will be further integrated with LightSpeed’s platform. This is the first time the company has offered products for online-only businesses. This is another example in the rapid growth of eCommerce but it also shows the importance of the European market which has shown significant innovation in the field of eCommerce. Progressively North American companies are trying to access the European markets whether through mergers or acquisitions.

Read the original here: http://techcrunch.com/lightspeed-acquires-seoshop/

President Obama interviews Alibaba billionaire Jack Ma as ecommerce giant pushes beyond China

So President Obama was in Asia this week for a summit. He found the time however, to have a chat with Jack Ma, the Chinese business magnate and founder of Alibaba Group. The two were also joined by a young Filipina entrepreneur Aisa Mijeno. The topics varied from clean energy, to tax incentives but most importantly eCommerce. Alibaba ceases to amaze us with their rapid growth in eCommerce, for example raking up $14.3 billion in a single day. The company is now pushing beyond the Chinese market as executives report, which has gotten the attention of the POTUS himself. Clearly everyone is looking  forward to see how Alibaba does outside the Chinese market. I guess we just have to wait and see.

Read the original here: http://venturebeat.com/obama-interviews-alibaba-jack-ma

BitHappy — The Next Generation of Bitcoin Ecommerce is here

Say hello to BitHappy, the new bitcoin browser! The browser combines the digital currency with eCommerce. It’s actually very simple, BitHappy allows people and businesses to buy and sell things online using bitcoins. BitHappy automatically converts the price into the bitcoin equivalent allowing customers to easily purchase the product with their bitcoins. The site also allows for scanning barcodes on the products and accepting payments for the same in a brick and mortar store, making it a point of sale application at the same time. BitHappy sounds pretty amazing, the idea is great now let’s see whether it will work in practice!

Read the original here: http://www.newsbtc.com/bithappy-the-next-generation-of-bitcoin-ecommerce-is-here/

Google Shopping Gets A Mobile Makeover With A Focus On Local Commerce

Google, won’t be a step behind other eCommerce platforms. Google announced this morning the brand new design for its Shopping service, Google Shopping search engine. The redesign focused mainly of the mobile shopping engine, and involved new elements that is meant to help consumers better discover and locate the product they want to buy. The company is trying to stay with the growing trend of eCommerce and especially mCommerce and optimize their services making the shopping experience more like a mobile application.

Read the original here: http://techcrunch.com/google-shopping-gets-a-mobile-makeover-with-a-focus-on-local-commerce/

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