eCommerce never sleeps! Another week has passed and a lot has happened since our last News segment. This week we’ve seen some more eCommerce progress, with SAP and Google launching new products. Also Electronic payments are in the headlines again with the W3C starting a ‘New Web Payment’ project.

Here are the news you can’t miss this week! Enjoy!

New SAP Tool Aims To Fuse Content and Community With eCommerce

SAP is currently working on a way to improve the customer experience on their eCommerce platform SAPhybris. They’ve introduced a new product called the SAP Jam Communities. The tool is aimed at creating a more coherent link between all of the content related to a product and the product itself. It essentially combines all the content from the company and the community to provide the customers with all the necessary information about products. Let’s see what SAP can come up with, but I’m loving the idea so far!

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Online giants work on gold standard for internet shopping

Digital Wallets are coming! Yes, you heard it right! The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has formed a New Web Payment working group which will – “focus on streamlining online check-out to ensure customers can recognize and use payment platforms across all retailers, websites and devices.” By this they aim to make the customer experience more consistent. Companies like Swift and Worldpay, Google and PayPal have joined into the project. Hopefully, will see the fruits of their work soon!

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Google woos retailers with Shopping Insights tool for more detailed product search data

Google has just launched a new ad product – Shopping Insights, the tool combines search and mapping data to help brink-and-mortar retailers identify shopping trends. You basically search a product by keyword and filter by location or device. Although eCommerce is booming 92% of goods are still sold in retail stores. Jonathan Alferness, VP of Product Management at Google said that “by better understanding user’s shopping intent online, retailers can make more informed local merchandising and marketing decisions for their stores.” Once again we see how internet giants are trying to innovate the commerce world!

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Web-Shopping Deluge Boxes In Landlords

For the past two weeks we’ve seen a lot about online sales but also the changes in the delivery industry. We’ve seen a rapid development on new deliveries, for example same-day-deliveries. But that has a downside too. Landlords and apartment operators are overloaded with incoming packages. Due to an increase in apartment living and an increase in online shopping there is a pile, a pretty large pile, of packages with no good place to go. We have to said and see how the box situation will be solved.

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Walmart Has a Strategic Advantage in Ecommerce Fulfillment

Walmart has opened another large-scale ecommerce fulfillment center earlier in October. The next-generation fulfillment center will be in Atlanta and is meant to allow for quicker and more cost efficient shipping. Walmart is creating a network of fulfillment centers around the U.S. to help boost online fulfillment. Once again we see how the eCommerce trend is shaping retail companies.

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