You guessed it! Amazon’s on the news this week, again. It’s actually been all over the news, so it’s highly unlikely you haven’t stumbled upon a headline reading something like ‘Amazon opens first physical bookstore’. If you’re wondering why a giant online retailer would open a brick and mortar store, well tune in for the eCommerce News.

Amazon begins a new chapter with opening of first physical bookstore

It’s kind of ironic how Amazon has been putting bookstores out of business for two decades and now they decide to open their own bookstore.  Well, they’re Amazon, they can do whatever they want…

Amazon Books opened on Tuesday at the University Village in Seattle, the home town of the multinational company. The shop stocks over 6000 titles, all picked based on reviews and sales data from This is an extremely clever move by Amazon. First they conquer standard book-selling, and modernize it into the 21st Century, becoming the biggest online retailer in the world. Now they’re bringing  the book stores back, and in a remarkable fashion. The new bookstore looks like an Apple store. Books, kindles and Fire TV sticks are displayed like iPhones and Macs. Customers can walk around the specious book store appreciating the literature, just like back in the day. This time just the Amazon way. Hats off to Amazon for their ability to stay ahead of the pack.

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Report: Jet Lands $500 Million In Funding From Fidelity

Now let’s take a break from Amazon and look into their competition. Wait what? Amazon has competitors? Yes, and they seem to be doing pretty good. If you haven’t heard about, the company was founded in 2014 by Marc Lore, an entrepreneur who sold his previous company Quidsi Inc. to Amazon for $550 million. launched their site earlier this year and they’ve been attracting customers by the lot. They have some pretty funny advertisements too. The eCommerce company distinguishes itself from other online retailers such as Amazon with their ‘real-time pricing algorithm’ which aims at gauging the true marginal cost of getting a product to customers. The company has reportedly raised $500 million in funding. This could help the company catapult forward and become a viable threat to Amazon. Apart from the funding, the company is planning on hiring 1,500 new employees next year to further ignite their growth.

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Australia Post is testing the use of drones and 3D printers

Drones are awesome! So are 3D printers, and Australia will be getting a dose of both! Australian postal services are planning on testing delivery drones next year! How awesome is that? The drones are similar to the ones that are planned to be used in the Amazon Prime Air program, and will be able to deliver packages weighing up to 2kg. Apart from that Australia Post is planning on installing 3D printers in their offices. Looks like Australia is betting a lot of money on new technology just like large eCommerce companies. It’ll be interesting to see how things develop, but if this works out that’ll be a huge step in eCommerce. I’m really looking forward to having my pizza delivered to me by a drone!

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Jessica Alba’s Honest Beauty Line Comes To Mobile, With An App Offering Both Shopping And Makeup Tips

You’ve probably heard of Jessica Alba before, the stunning actress who played in movies such as Sin City, Machete, Idle Hands, Fantastic Four and plenty more. The actress has started her own eCommerce company in 2011. The Honest Company, is best known for its eco-friendly baby products. However, the company has recently launched Honesty Beauty – a beauty like that follows the company’s mission of eco-friendly and chemical free products. Honest Beauty has launched its own mobile shopping application this week. The iOS app allows you to both shop and receive make up tips and tutorials. The app is likely to help the company compete in the sphere of makeup retailers. It’s remarkable how much passion Jessica is putting into her company, hopefully she can continue having a positive impact on the world.

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Retailers Struggle Getting E-Commerce Goods to Customers, Study Says

If you’re an online retailer you probably know that getting your goods to your customers can be a pain. Often retailers decide to give the option to buy online and pick up at the store. It saves both the retailers and customers some money. However, a recent study shows that out of 35% of customers who buy online and pick up at store 50% encounter problems with receive their purchase. If retailers really want to reduce the eCommerce cost they must significantly improve their pick up services, otherwise customers will opt out of the pick up option for good.

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