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1. You can buy what you saw in movie thanks to TheTake


This start-up just raised $2 mln, with support of investors like Demarest Films and Ben Silverman (Electus Chairman)for their website and mobile app that allow to buy what you saw in the feature film or film trailer. It will work as Pinterest-like layout that shoppers can use not only to buy things they saw on a screen, but also check locations from 60, so far, movies in catalogue.

source: http://techcrunch.com/2014/09/08/thetake-just-raised-2m-so-you-can-buy-that-thing-you-saw-in-that-movie/


2. Facebook and Twitter in e-commerce


Not only Facebook is testing the Buy Button. Releasing a “Buy Now” button is another step into e-commerce that Twitter made after Amazon shopping cart. It will let people shop from select merchants without leaving the website.

source: http://mashable.com/2014/09/08/twitter-commerce-test/


3. Mobile devices win with computers on online sales in UK


That’s the first time that we’re getting to the point where smartphones and tablets users will purchase more than computer shoppers. 52% of online shops visits are made via such devices in UK and almost 40% of sales are completed this way. 11 bln euros of 30,5 bln spend by British consumer is a mobile commerce.

source: http://ecommercenews.eu/online-shopping-on-mobiles-overtakes-desktop-in-uk/


4. Morrisons’ price intelligence solution


Price intelligence solution will allow online customers to import their shopping list right to Morrisons’ website. It uses manual validation of matches and proprietary matching technology to deliver matching rates and accuracy for supermarkets products, both branded and private-label.

source: http://www.ecommerceweek.co.uk/news/460/morrisons-deploys-price-intelligence-solution/


5. 16 billion of eCoupons


Market Trends& Market Dynamics reported that this number will double till 2019. Mainly through mobile coupons and barcodes, but there also will be some growth in print at home space. It’s an eCoupon evolution as more and more customers are searching for latest deals online.

source: http://www.ecommerceweek.co.uk/news/456/consumers-switching-to-coupon-search-for-latest-deals/

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