1. Shopping APIs are growing really fast

An Application Programming Interface was first launched in 2000 by eBay and became very popular since then. Why? Because it’s  easy and cheap way to deliver offers, content and consistent pricing, make marketing and customer service more effective. APIs might reach number of 30,000 by 2016.



2. Google’s ‘AdSense for Shopping’ looks a lot like Amazon’s Product Ads

Those who buy on Amazon are familiar with ads, that look like a sold out products list, but after a click they redirect customers to merchant’s site. It’s been like this for 6 years. Now, Google’s AdSense is allowing other merchants to do the same thing on their sites.



3. DHL is experimenting with delivery using PaketButler

Deutsche Telecom in collaboration with Zalando, DHL and Feldsechs will start a new way of parcel delivery, so customers can get it, even if they’re not home. They will be provided with foldable bags, that couriers can put a package in, and they can only be opened with special NFC tag. 200 Zalando customers in Berlin will test it as the first ones at the beginning of 2015.



4. Apple has its mobile wallet too

Apple Pay works in the iPhone 6, for now. It allows to pay for purchases and buses or tube trains journeys . Users have to scan their American Express, MasterCard or Visa cards and add them to their iPhone.



5. Microsoft wants to use Minecraft to conquer mobile market

Microsoft bought Minecraft fot $2,5 billion, which might be a lot, but not when you look at other numbers such as 100 million downloads on PC since 2009. Now they want to make it popular on mobile devices as well.


Bogusia Prusik

PR&Marketing Specialist at Divante eCommerce Software House. Believes in no 'Can’t Dos’ in work and life. Obsessed with new marketing techniques.

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