For me, personally Magento Live UK 2016 was all about Magento 2.0 and why you should stop using 1.x versions, but there was also a lot of talk about the future of technology and online sales. Omnichannel was also big word as always. Apart from that, there are three things that I remember the most:

Era of robots and voice searches

Steve Yankovich (CPO, Magento Commerce) during his opening presentation told that nowadays we have more and more screens i.e. in cars, airplanes, cabs and this number is going to grow. More and more screen means more and more opportunities to sale your products to the potential clients. That is why seamless shopping experience, as well as integrations between all sales channels are so important. The answer “why” is really simple in this case – because clients expect it.
Steve also mentioned that technology is everywhere and in everything we do we expect to use it. That is why in his opinion the next big things that will revolutionize online sales and our lives in general will be robots (over here he showed the interesting case of Moley Robotic Kitchen, a fully functional kitchen robot which is able to make spaghetti – and voice search queries. The first one will probably change the world of warehouse management and the second one will change the way we use the Internet and do online shopping.


How not to overpay for your eCommerce platform

Our CTO wrote that later this week Magento 2.1 will be released, but ML UK was still most about M2. David Deppner (VP of Information Technology & eCommerce, during his presentation about migration from M1.x to M2 said very clearly when you should switch to M2:
NOW!”. Because “The Longer You Support Magento 1, the More You Will Pay In Development Costs, As Not All Work Can Be Migrated to Magento 2”.
He also answered the question we often hear at Divante “How much will the development cost?” and according to him it is an impossible question because there are too many unknowns and every project is different. That is why in his opinion “Rough estimates are the best” and “Fixed quotes will always be overpriced”.

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Don’t divide B2C and B2B buyers expectations

B2B eCommerce was also mentioned few times and the biggest advice to B2B business owners made by Mark Selby (eCommerce Director of MacFarlane Packaging) was that they must start selling online as soon as possible because “Monday morning B2B user was a B2C user Sunday afternoon and he expects the same experience buying his jeans and building materials for his company”. Basing on the B2C best practices you should build your B2B website and customer experience as well – to meet your customer demands.

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Mateusz Blum

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